Mozzarella di Bufala


Davidson Farmers Market 8-12

Fading D Farm Store open 3-6 PM


Childress Vineyard Restaurant

Roots on Main (Rustic Roots) Lexington


Salisbury Wine Shope

 Farm Store will be CLOSED

September 24th


September 31

Meet us at Farmers Market or Contact us Here if you would like to purchase Buffalo Meat or Cheese during this time!

Fading D Farm is a small family owned farmstead Water Buffalo dairy dedicated to introducing our friends to all of the uniqueness of  raising Water Buffalo and to the delightful  flavors of Water Buffalo products that are loved around the world but difficult to obtain in North America. All of our animals are hand raised with close human contact which makes them calm and gentle, and they spend their days on pasture which makes them happy and contented.

Follow our Water Buffalo on 'The Farm' tab and explore how you can experience what Fading D Farm has to offer.

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