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              Whole/Half Water Buffalo
                Grass Fed/Grass Finished
For those desiring a larger quantity of pasture raised/grass finished Water Buffalo meat, Fading D Farm now offers whole or half (side) of Water Buffalo. Buying in quantity provides you the opportunity to both have control over how your meat is cut and packaged and also to have this healthier red meat available in your freezer whenever you are ready to cook. We process our Water Buffalo at 24-30 months which is the ideal time for tender steaks and roasts.

How Does it Work?
Since Water Buffalo of the correct age and size are not always available, you may contact us to inquire when we will be processing and to make a reservation for the next available animal. Once we have a date from the processor to bring the Buffalo, you will be notified. At that time you can fill out the Cut sheet  to let the processor know how to cut your whole/half Buffalo.

Your Water Buffalo meat ages for 7 days before it is cut. This makes the meat more tender and flavorful. Between eight and nine days after being delivered to the processor your meat will be ready for pickup. We are required to pick up within 48 hours of the end of processing. Special orders such as hot dogs and smoking may take longer. Cuts are individually wrapped, vacuum sealed, frozen and labeled with type of cut and weight. Your finished cuts will be in 40 lb cardboard boxes. 
Once we are notified by the processor we will communicate to you the dates for pickup. You have 3 options for delivery:
          1) Pick up directly at Piedmont Custom Meats in Asheboro. If you choose this option you will be required to meet Fading D Farm's Representative at Piedmont Custom Meats at a specific designated time. The processor requires that we be present before they will release the final cuts.
          2) Pick up at Fading D Farm. If you aren't able to meet us at Piedmont Custom Meats at the designated time this option will be the default. You may also choose this option if it is a more convenient location for you. You must pick up on the day we pick up from the processor or a $50 holding fee will be assessed. 
          3) Delivered to your home. Within a 50 mile radius of Fading D Farm we can deliver your order to you. This must be delivered on the day we pick up from the processor or the $50 holding fee will also be incurred.  There is a $1.00/mile charge for the distance from Fading D Farm.

How Much meat will I receive?
Pricing is based on Hanging Weight. Hanging weight is typically 600-750 lb and the packaged yield is typically 55-60% of this weight depending on what cuts you choose.

What Does it Cost?
The price is based on the Hanging Weight.
We have changed our pricing to include most of the costs of your finished product in a single fee. Previously we had separately charged the processor's fees but we feel that this new method is much simpler for the customer. The only additional costs that you will incur are optional services. The price now includes the animal, the processing fees, inspection fees, killing fees, disposal fees, and boxes.

What are the fees for optional services?
1) Special items such as sausages and meatloaf have an additional charge from the processor and can be found here. 
2) Special items also incur additional USDA inspection fees. This costs will be directly passed onto the purchaser. The basic USDA inspection time for processing an animal is one hour. Any amount of time over one hour will be attributed to the special item. Current USDA inspection fee is approximately $68/hr. 

3) Holding fee and mileage fees may be charged depending on how you receive the final product.
**At this time cuts such as hot dogs, smoking etc that require additional processing time and therefore a second trip for pickup are not available on Fading D Farm Water Buffalo.


$4.50/lb Hanging Weight


At time of order
500 deposit 

3 days before pickup
$5.00/lb Hanging Weight minus deposit

At time of invoice from Processor
Special item and Inspection fees

Payments by Cash, PayPal, or Zelle

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