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All of our products from Fading D Farm are small batch, artisanal, and made on our farm with 100% Water Buffalo milk. Our Water Buffalo provide a creamy white milk that is 8-10% butterfat and higher in protein than cow’s milk, producing wonderfully creamy cheeses.  All of our cheeses are made with only pasteurized Water Buffalo Milk, rennet, cultures and salt for brining, there are no preservatives, additives or anything artificial.


Aged Cheeses- Aged a minimum of 60 days.                                                         $23.50/lb

            Bel Bufala– A mild semi soft product made in the tradition of the Italian table

                cheese, Bel Paese, this creamy cheese has a buttery finish.


            Roco- An aged Caciocavallo with a firmer texture than our other cheeses Roco has a

                mild flavor and is great for cooking.


            Sapore-Our most full flavored cheese crafted in the fashion of a Taleggio this

                creation has a stronger salty flavor and a sharp finish.


Fresh Cheeses- Soft and delicate                                                                          $21.50/lb

            Mozzarella di Bufala- Hand stretched and made with creamy Buffalo Milk this

                 cultured cheese has all of the flavor and character of the original mozzarella

                 from Southern Italy.


Ricotta- A whey product                                                                                           $13.00/lb

                    Ricotta di Bufala- With the natural sweetness of Water Buffalo milk,

                       this is a dry ricotta great for cooking, baking, or eating with fruit.

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