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What makes Water Buffalo cheeses so delicious?

The Milk!  

The higher protein and butter fat content gives this creamy white delicacy a marvelous texture and flavor

It's Healthier Too!

Water Buffalo milk is higher in Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Vitamins A and C 

while being lower in Sodium and Cholesterol.

Comparison of cow

and buffalo milk


    Traits                          Cow                   Buffalo


   Total solids (%)            13.10                   16.30

   Fat (%)                            4.30                     7.90

   Protein (%)                      3.60                    4.20

   Lactose (%)                    4.80                    5.00

   Tocopherol (mg/g)          0.31                   0.33

   Cholesterol (mg/g)          3.14                   0.65

   Calcium(mg/100g)      165.00               264.00

   Phosphorus(mg/100g)213.00               268.00

   Magnesium(mg/100g)  23.00                 30.00

   Potassium,(mg/100g) 185.00               107.00

   Sodium(mg/100g)         73.00                65.00

   Vitamin A                      30.30                33.00

   Vitamin C(mg/100g)       1.90                   6.70


  (Chantalakhana and Falvey, 1999)

Mozzarella di Buffala


Originally, all mozzarella was made with water buffalo milk.  Additionally, we make ours as a traditional cultured cheese, which, along with the milk's creaminess, gives this cheese a mild yet distinct flavor.



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