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Sweet Cream Gelato
  • Sweet Cream Gelato

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    Artisanal, Farmstead Gelato made with fresh, whole, Water Buffalo Milk, local fruits,and the finest Ghirardelli and Callebaut chocolates.  Milk from locally raised, pasture fed Water Buffalo on our farm in North Carolina Traditional gelato but in an extra creamy presentation due to the high butterfat contentof water buffalo milk. Slow churned is small batches using the finest quality and locally sourced ingredients.  Buffalo milk is a natural A2A2 casein product which is better tolerated by those who cannot digest cow’s milk Water Buffalo Gelato from Fading D Farm stands out not only for its quality but also its uniqueness. As the only source of Water Buffalo Milk Gelato in the Southeast you will Be trying  a truly one of a kind product. (For 2.5 and 4 liter Pans one week advanced ordering required) 

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